About Cherie Concannon

Corporate Culture Consultant; Global Executive Advancement Specialist; Author; Creator of ‘RPO: Raising Performance Operations’ - an award-winning approach to raising performance levels and increasing employee engagement; Public speaker; Leadership, Team & Organisational Development adviser. Cherie Concannon is a leading expert in the field of Executive Advancement and Organisational Development. With over 23 years of experience, Cherie has developed a number of unique approaches to advancing the performance of individuals and groups.

The Programmes that Cherie has developed have been proven to work in the most challenging organisations and with Senior Executives in some of the UK’s top performing global companies. As creator of Concannon Connection, Cherie is currently leading monthly workshops which she has designed and developed, and is delivering to leaders across many FTSE 100 corporations. The aim of the workshops is to provide time-poor Executives with a valuable opportunity to reflect, not only on their own individual route to success, but also that of the organisations in which they work. Most of Cherie’s individual client work is with senior-level executives and industry leaders. She has built an enviable reputation for assisting these individuals in areas such as leadership development, managing a changing environment, idea generation, communication, knowledge sharing and conflict resolution, amongst other things. She comes highly recommended by the Executives with whom she works and is often described as being ‘the best at what she does’.

Another of Cherie’s hugely successful approaches is RPO: Raising Performance in Operations – this is an award winning programme which has been developed over many years through her work with some of the UK’s top Manufacturers. RPO has achieved measurable culture transformations whilst raising productivity and engagement levels. At one UK FTSE 100 manufacturing plant engagement levels increased from 45% to 88% during the course of the 24 month programme, and 12 production records were broken within the first 12 months of delivery. The single biggest influencing factor on this plant was the introduction of RPO. Clients of RPO include: Coca Cola, Rexam, Kerry Foods and Buhler Sortex.