Business Forum

Join a select group of business leaders from highly successful local businesses for a round table discussion to challenge thinking, share successes and failures and offer guidance and insights.

Guests will leave the event with practical ideas and actions to help take their business forward.

Discussion chaired by Leadership Coach, Cherie Concannon, who specialises in helping leaders to extract themselves from the day to day operations of their business in order to advance it to the next level

Cherie will pose the following questions for discussion:

• Are you so far down in the weeds of your business that you can’t even consider creating vision and direction for growth?
• Are you doing the job of people several layers down in your business?
• Do you want to create succession but just don’t seem to have the right people?
• Do you want people within your business to step up to allow your greater freedom?

Join us for a round table discussion to share experiences and challenge thinking. We would welcome you as a guest to share your experiences. This is an invitation only event. Please contact us directly if you are interested in attending.

Breakfast provided