Concannon Connection Pukaar Magazine

3rd October, 2017

Niche Magazine Article

25th July, 2017

Front Cover of Pukaar Magazine

29th June, 2017
Cherie Concannon

Are You Drowning in a Sea of Unhappy Staff?

22nd March, 2017

The L Factor - Judges Announced

14th March, 2017
Rokas, Danny and Cherie

Advice on Teamwork

12th January, 2017
Concannon Connection

Concannon Connection

12th January, 2017
DLuxe Article Autumn 2016

Think Flexible in Business

3rd October, 2016

Horse and Hound

11th September, 2014
Cherie Concannon and Kevin Urquart

...Your best investment in this new tax year?

18th September, 2016