My Clients

My larger clients include:-

• A national house builder
• A national wealth management and pensions provider
• Regional accountancy practice
• Bespoke design and shop-fitting project management company
• Specialist events production company
• 3 global manufacturing companies
• International battery distribution company
• Leading brand agency
• Local property developer
• Leading provider of hazardous area static control equipment
• Beautiful wedding and events venue
• A fine dining Indian restaurant

Finding Your Work/ Life Balance

I have always been a firm believer that when a person is passionate about their work that they need an alternative passion to balance out their lives, otherwise we can end up thinking about work 24/7 and this is not conducive to optimum productivity. For over 20 years that alternative passion for me was horses. In recent years that passion has become yoga. I practice at the beginning of every day to energise my body and prepare my head for the day and I love it. When I started yoga 6 years ago I could get nowhere near touching my toes.

The Concannon Connection Business Club

The Concannon Connection Business club is an exclusive members-only club designed to bring together smaller businesses. It is intended to provide support, guidance, mentoring and opportunity for each member and the overriding objective for each member is Success. Membership is offered to any business under 500k turnover per year.